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GP & Optometry Education Event

The 19th of September marked the inaugural combined GP and Optometry event for Western Eye Specialists. The event was held at GG Restaurant in East Melbourne and was attended by General Practitioners and Optometrists from the clinic’s surrounding suburbs.

The evening commenced with Dr Christopher Chan who spoke about the latest advances in Intra Ocular Lenses. Second, was Dr Brian Ang who discussed the changing paradigm of Glaucoma treatment. Dr Ye Chen finished off the night with a discussion on benign eyelid lesions.

Dr Christopher Chan started the evening by giving a rundown of the history of cataract surgery and how it has progressed over the years. He also discussed many up and coming Intra Ocular Lenses, including some of which he has been involved in using from the early stages of their release.

Glaucoma specialist Dr Brian Ang spoke about current methods of glaucoma treatment focusing on a newer development, MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery). The implantation of these devices is often combined with cataract surgery and can prevent some glaucoma patients from having to use daily eye drops.

Finally, Dr Ye Chen described the many different benign eyelid lesions most likely to be come across by our audience. With his strong knowledge of oculoplastics, he spoke of the appearance, prognosis and treatment of these lesions.

Thank you to all the speakers and to all those who attended for an excellent and informative night.

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