September 2019 – CPD Dinner Event

Inviting all Optometrists to the most informative event of 2019.  

Learn about the most recent developments in Ophthalmology.

Join our leading team of Eye Specialists and earn CPD points.

Western Eye Specialists welcomes you to join us for a highly informative education event detailing the most recent developments in Ophthalmology.

An enjoyable evening awaits you, as dinner will be provided. Leading Ophthalmologist, Dr John McKenzie will be introducing the presentations of these key topics;

  1. Dr Ye Chen – Asian eyelid surgery – epiblepharon repair
  2. Dr Phil Hoffman – The future of anti-VEGF
  3. Dr Andrew Shaw – What’s new in retina?

Event Details


Tuesday, 10th September 2019


6:30pm Registration


Bacash Restaurant
175 Domain Road, South Yarra


6th September to

Dr Phil Hoffman


Dr Phillip Hoffman is a cataract and ophthalmic surgeon. He graduated from Monash University, held residency at the Alfred Hospital and graduated in Master of Health Ethics at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Hoffman has specialist interests in cataract surgery and maintains a strong interest in general ophthalmology including management of diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Dr Hoffman performs the latest treatments for wet macular degeneration, including intravitreal Lucentis and Eylea injections.

Dr Andrew Shaw

MBchB, FRCSed,

Dr Andrew Shaw is an ophthalmologist specialising in the management of retinal conditions. Graduating from the University of Queensland, Dr Shaw undertook his specialist ophthalmology training in the United Kingdom. Dr Shaw is a fellow of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, a member of the Australian & New Zealand Society of Retinal Specialists and a fellow of the London Royal College of Ophthalmologists. 

Dr Shaw has specialist interests in macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusions, viterous haemorrahge, epiretinal membranes, macular holes, retinal tears and detachments.

Dr Ye Chen


Dr Ye Chen is an ophthalmic surgeon with
sub-speciality interest in eyelid, lacrimal and
orbital surgery (oculoplastics). He has special
interests in endoscopic lacrimal surgery,
thyroid eye disease and eyelid tumors.

Dr Chen specialises in the treatment of eyelid disorders (including ‘droopy’ eyelids, eyelid malpositions, brow ptosis), orbital disorders (including thyroid eye disease, tumor, socket disorders) and lacrimal disorders (‘watery eyes’, blocked tear drainage system).

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