Dry Eye Clinic

Western Eye specialists offers a comprehensive dry eye assessment for all patients. We run a dedicated monthly Dry Eye Clinic, where a thorough assessment is performed to determine the cause of dry eyes.

If the patient has been diagnosed with dry eyes and/or is suffering from symptoms including (but not limited to): epiphora, redness, itching, burning or foreign body sensation, photophobia or blurred vision, it is recommended that they come in for an appointment.

The clinic is run by our Optometrist who works alongside our Ophthalmologists to provide patients with assessments, education and treatments for Dry Eye Disease.

We offer the following treatments;

Blephex: in chair treatment to remove debris from lid and lashes

Blephasteam: using gentle low heat to unblock glands

Manual expression: manual expression of the meibomian gland (for blepharitis and evaporative tear dysfunction)


Patients will be bulk billed for their consultation and if other treatments are required, they may incur an extra cost.

A comprehensive questionnaire will be send out to patients before their appointment and they will be required to bring the completed forms with them to their appointment

Patients will need a referral made out to Western Eye specialists.

Please call reception on 03 99122302 to make an appointment

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